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Who We Are

Masson Tech is an independent ecommerce and digital consultancy.

We’re consultants, but we speak simple business language. We’re not affiliated with any software platform or vendor, so we’re independent and impartial. As we have no commercial agenda or requirement to ‘sell’ you a solution, it means we work for you, and for your success, only.

We’re here to be your digital advisors, to think creatively and think strategically. We will inspire you, excite you, and inject enthusiasm and positivity into your team by ensuring that everyone knows your objectives and how they can be achieved.

We speak fluent ‘techie’ so you don’t have to. We’re your ‘translator’ enabling you to cut through the ‘crap’ and the jargon the IT industry loves to use, and we turn it to your advantage to ensure your strategic goals are met.

We’ll present you with solutions, with clear deliverable actions, and predictable outcomes; not just more barriers, more costly mistakes, and more opportunities lost.


We bridge knowledge. We fill skills gaps. We build value and efficiency into your organisation and deliver the expert support and experience you need to grow.

We provide the knowledge and experience needed to help develop and structure your business, overcome technical barriers and put the plan in place to accelerate your growth.
Investment return
We guide you to ensure you maximise the greatest return on your technology investments. We do this by identifying ways to streamline your processes, improve your customers’ experience and maximise your conversion rates.
Reduced risk
Platform change and system integration projects carry significant risks of delays, cost overruns and failure. Our breadth of experience, together with a structured, costed and resourced plan for all stakeholders to follow dramatically increases the likelihood of success.
Increased revenue
Every step we take with you is focussed around making the most effective and productive recommendations, dedicated to growing your revenues and increasing levels of customer engagement.
Through identifying ways to remove repetition, streamline processes and remove manual administration, we help you to reduce costs and overheads and increase efficiency and productivity.
New markets
Entering new markets, especially internationally, is fraught with hurdles. We can help, advise and guide you to better understand the implications, identify the most lucrative new markets and improve your presence within existing markets.
At no time in history has it been more important to ensure security of your data and recognise your data protection and privacy obligations. We ensure you’re able to comply with the necessary legislation, protect your customers’ privacy, your reputation and the integrity of your brand.
Through structured analysis of your varied data sources, we will obtain insight into your data, enabling you to leverage its value and empower you to make more timely, more accurate and actionable decisions.

Why Choose Us?

We're Independent
We're not here to sell you an ecommerce platform or digital marketing services. We work for you, for your benefit, which is how we help you grow.
Our Knowledge
We understand technology and how it can benefit you, we speak fluent ‘techie’ so you don’t have to, and we bridge the knowledge gaps holding you back.
Our Experience
We’ve spent over 20 years providing solutions to your technical problems, adding value to your project teams, and delivering on your strategic goals.
Your Growth
Our purpose is to help you overcome barriers, solve the problems standing in your way, unlock your growth potential and drive your business forwards.

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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

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