Evolving towards inbound marketing

We live in an ‘inbound’ world.  Period.

The way in which you build your brand and the way buyers find out about your products or services has, thanks to the Internet, dramatically changed.  It is therefore safe to say that your marketing processes will have needed to have evolved along with it.

In this world, customers (that’s you and me) try their hardest (whether you’re a consumer or corporate buyer) to ignore the ‘noise’ we are all exposed to by traditional ‘outbound’ marketing activities such as online and offline advertising, telemarketing, email shots etc etc.

What we actually prefer, is to research our purchases on the Internet first, understand what we are buying and then go and seek suppliers we want to engage with, because their content has built our trust.

We can help you to adapt your marketing approach to align with this model.  We do this by helping you define your ideal customers’ ‘personas’, which describe who they are, what they need from you in order to buy from you and how they are most likely to want to access it.  These personas are then used to influence your marketing decisions, identify necessary website functionality and content, and how to best present it.

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Date: February 12, 2017
Service: Inbound Marketing