Interim CTO, CIO, IT and Ecommerce Director support

In today’s complex, fast moving, online centric world, nearly every organisation would benefit from having an experienced, strategic thinking, technical voice as a senior member of their management team. The purpose of this person being to interpret the organisation’s specific technical needs and guide them to make the informed decisions that add the most value to their future.

It is generally the case however, that only larger organisations can justify the cost of a dedicated person to fill this role, even though it may have been identified as being an area of weakness.

We provide exactly this support.  This can be on an ongoing non-executive basis, delivering strategic support to your board.  On an interim or part-time basis to bridge a known skills gap, or provide cover for an absent employee.  Or on a longer term arrangement that enables us to be an integral part of ensuring the delivery of your longer term strategy.

If you want to remove the guesswork and reliance on advice from your commercially driven suppliers, contact us now to arrange a no obligation discussion.

Date: February 12, 2017
Service: Interim Support